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Florence Nightingale Lives at Lady Pohamba Private Hospital

For the past two weeks, I have been admitted to Lady Pohamba Private Hospital following a severe health diagnosis. The situation escalated so quickly that, without timely intervention, it could have potentially cost me my life. The last time I was hospitalised was in 1988, as a child. Since then, I have become all too familiar with the varying standards of care patients receive, particularly in public health facilities.

The media often portrays hospitals as places to be feared, especially when facing a serious medical condition. However, my experience at Lady Pohamba Hospital has profoundly shifted this perspective. As I registered and began the treatment process, I was reminded of an Oshindonga idiom that says, ‘Names as links – edhina ekoogidho’.

Lady Pohamba Hospital, named in honour of former First Lady Madame Penehupifo Pohamba, a distinguished nurse known for her humility and dedication to humanity, embodies these values.

Madame Pohamba, the epitome of Florence Nightingale, served with passion, love and exemplary care throughout her career, even during her tenure as Namibia’s First Lady.

Beacon of healthcare in Namibia.

At Lady Pohamba Private Hospital, I was deeply impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the nursing staff. Despite their relative youth, the nurses exhibited a level of care and compassion that often made me forget my pain. Their responses to patients and the assistance they provided were nothing short of inspiring. The camaraderie among the staff felt like a close-knit family, akin to siblings and cousins in a grandmother’s home.

My recovery was not solely due to the medication but also to the unwavering support and care from the nurses under the guidance of Dr Beyers and Dr Nashandi. I am confident that fellow patients, particularly those in surgical ward three, would echo my sentiments. The culture of care at Lady Pohamba Private Hospital is a model worth emulating across our healthcare system, both in public and private facilities.

Some health professionals cite a lack of resources as a barrier to maintaining high standards of care. However, we must recognise that behaviour is one of the greatest resources we have. Treating patients with dignity and compassion significantly contributes to their well-being, even in the absence of other resources. I hope that our healthcare institutions will foster cooperation and engage in exchange programmes to improve the overall quality of care. Lady Pohamba Private Hospital stands as a beacon of excellence in medical healthcare, and its ethos should inspire us all to strive for similar standards across the board.

Tonateni Shidhudhu

Namibian Sun, Published 03/07/2024

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