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Compassionate Care for Patients Award

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Compassionate care is more than just providing medical treatment to patients. It is also about showing empathy, respect, kindness, and building trusting relationships. Compassionate care can improve patient outcomes, satisfaction, and loyalty, as well as reduce stress and burnout for healthcare professionals. And that is why Lady Pohamba Private Hospital thought it would be fitting to create a *Compassionate Care for Patients Award*. During the Nurses Day Celebrations on Monday 13th of May, the recipients were acknowledged for their exceptional care, compassion, and dedication towards patients.


Picture 1: From left to right: Alisa Ndevaetela (RN), Selma Yandongo (RN), Pelagia Shoombe (RN), Hendrina Andima (Snr RN), Ludmilla Khaises (EN), Jette Slabbert (Snr RN) and Clariza Tjivangurura (EN).

Picture 2: From left to right: Angelus Shikongo (RN), Rosalia Ndimwedi (RN), Katrina Goagoses (EN), Margaret Visagie (RN), Magdalena Nembia (RN) and Tuaseuapi Karumendu (EN).

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